Présentation de Raimiti
FAKARAVA : 16° 19' latitude south
145° 37' de longitude west
This oblong shaped atoll is the second largest in French Polynesia.
Size of the lagoon: 1121 square km.
Surface land: 16 square km.
A one-hour plane flight from Tahiti : (

Fakarava is classified "reserve of the biosphere" by UNESCO

Discovered by Bellinghausen on July 17, 1820.
Other names: Havai'i or Havaiki, Farea.
Nickname: end of the world.The atoll of Fakarava is 60 km long and 25 km wide, with a depth of 30 to 50 meters. Ngarue, on the north end of the atoll is 1600 meters wide and is the largest pass in French Polynesia . Tumakohua pass on the south end is more modest, with a width of 200 meters .
There is very little difference in temperature between the austral winter (June to August) and the hot season (January to March). Temperature averages 27º to 30º all year long.
There are more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year.
- The post office is equipped with Internet connections.
- The two general stores now accept credit cards.
- A primary school.
-  A few telephone booths for phone cards.
- A  dispensary with a doctor and nurse.
- A  very pretty Catholic church.
- No ATM's.
- No bank.
- No casino.
- No duty free shop.
- The main resources of the atoll are: black pearls and tourism.
- Life on an atoll is centered around a village, and when you get a short distance away from this area, nature reclaims its rights.

Rotoava Village  (north pass) :

Main village on the north-east side of Fakarava atoll. Population: 750 souls.
An airport is served daily by Air Tahiti.
A port where the inter-island ships embark and land people and merchandise.
A 15-km. road is in perfect condition because very recently it was given the most beautiful speed bumps in French Polynesia and the only cycling lane.


Tetamanu Village (south pass) :

The motu of Tetamanu lies beside the southern pass. This was formerly the main village and the capital of the Tuamotu Archipelago . The first Catholic church in the Tuamotu atolls was built here in 1874 and is made of coral.
There are only about 10 people in this district (including us); happy souls living in a dream world in this haven of peace out of time.


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