Présentation de Raimiti
out simplement magnifique... et inoubliable. Je n'ai eu la chance que d'y passer deux heures tout au plus, le temps d'un repas et d'un petit tour, et je suis tombée amoureuse de cet endroit où s'embrassent terre ciel et mer... un endroit que l'on ne soupçonne même pas, venant du lagon... des couleurs incroyables.. et ce bleu.... jusque dans le regard d'une personne m'ayant marqué tout particulièrement. Je ne rêve à présent que d'une seule chose: revenir. Un peu plus longtemps, la prochaine fois... =)
Saturday, 25 July 2009 04:35
Daniela e Piero
Raimiti era il nostro sogno! Ora che l'abbiamo vissuta, respirata, sentita nel profondo dell'anima ...lo é ancora di più! E' il luogo più bello e puro che abbiamo mai visitato; le sue piccole case affacciate sulla laguna, la libertà di avere sempre finestre e porte spalancate sul mare, senza mai avere timore dell'ignoto ma farne parte, sentirsi cullati dalla natura e dalla sua prepotente bellezza, coccolati da persone dolci e sorridenti come Elvina, Maluha, Junior e Patea.....questo sarà nuovamente il nostro sogno, fino a quando non ci potremo ritornare!
Saturday, 25 July 2009 04:34
Nic Valle
Raimiti is everything I imagined and so much more. Far far from the busy world, its hard to imagine that anyplace so unspoiled and beautiful exists. With my friend Dax I had one of the best vacations of my life. From the wonderful staff to the three dogs, I felt like I was home...only much much better. This is a VERY special place. My thanks and best wishes to everyone there.
Saturday, 25 July 2009 04:34
John Marnie Laura Sam and Trombone
We were there at Raimiti at the same time as An Moonen. An, you said it more eloquently than could we. Stayed in the Fare Crusoe, ocean-side and couldn't recommend it more highly. A constant breeze and the roar of the surf are my idea of tropical heaven. Special memories: - The faint, haunting sounds of a trombone concerto at dusk. (Thank you, Sam.) - Pollux and Rotu proudly riding Patea kayak back to shore. - Lamp-lit supper, with Maluha 5-star cooking spread out in front of us and the sunset arrayed in the distance. - Meeting all the pets: the red-footed boobie, Napoleon, the dockside groupers (incl. scar face), etc. Raimiti is a great place, by virtue of its natural location and comfortable premises. But it is the spirit, humor and kindness of Patea and Maluha that made our stay extra special. We thank you and wish you well.
Saturday, 25 July 2009 04:34
The Tahiti Girlz
My daughter and I have just returned to our side of the Pacific Ocean from our beautiful vacation on Raimiti. Once was just not enough... twice.....still not enough and the third time, well..... still not enough..... We have had the pleasure to travel extensively throughout French Polynesia, and without a doubt, our trips to Raimiti, are by far, the most exquisite of all. There is nothing that can compare with everything that Raimiti has to offer. Exquisite in every sense...... ~Exquisite~Exquis~Seleto~Exquisito~Exquisit~Squisito~ THANK YOU MALUHA & PATEA !!! The Tahiti Girlz Coronado, CA
Saturday, 25 July 2009 04:33
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