Présentation de Raimiti
Pierre and Casey Le Baud
We just spent one incredible week in the pension Raimiti on Fakarava and we have to readapt ourselves to civilization. Everything was so perfect...The scenery, water, sky,reef, trees and flowers ,all the shades and hues echoed again underwater in these thousands of fish, swimming in an everchanging palette... the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, the silence of the days disrupted only by the sound of the waves, the songs of the birds, and the blowing of the conch...when it's time to eat....The fantastic food Elvina and Raimaru have prepared, their cuisine would shame the five stars resorts and is the biggest surprise in this lost corner of the world.How they manage to cook such delightful meals remain a mystery...The evenings listening to the guitar and the songs of Tamaku....We were in another dimension,another untouched and untamed world where legends came true, where pollution was impossible, and where people were kind, friendly, attentive ...Thank you, Elvina! Thank you, Junior! Thank you, Firmin! And see you again, for we will be back!
Saturday, 25 July 2009 04:28
Mike and Lucile
I don’t usually post in guest books, but I felt I should make an exception for Raimiti. We spent a week with Raimaru, Elvina and Fermin in March 2007. We had a wonderful time, period. The accommodations were just a rustic as they appeared on the website. The food was exceptional and surprisingly varies. (Where do they keep all that food?) The discovery activities were well planned and some were very exciting. But best of all was the warm and friendly nature of our relationship with Raimaru and Elvina. You could not ask for a pair of more wonderful hosts. To be in this unspoiled environment with these wonderful people is truly life changing. Thanks to you all. We will be back.
Saturday, 25 July 2009 04:28
Maylie, Frank et Isabelle
Merci Junior, Elvina et Firmin de nous avoir accueilli si gentiment!! La cuisine tait très, très bonne (le mérou, le bec de canne,... ). Vous avez aussi de très gentil chien ! (Rutu Polux et Castor.) La pêche tait très amusante ! Nous espérons qu'on reviendra un jour.
Saturday, 25 July 2009 04:27
Linda and Matt Shovlin
Eric, To say Raimiti is a special place is an understatement. It really fell inadequate to put into words how Raimiti has touched us. I is virtually impossible. It wasn’t a mere vacation, but an experience in warmth hospitality and most of all beauty. We leave here different people than we were when we arrived just four days ago. Although we must return. Chance, our hearts will remain with you here at Raimiti. Merci! Firmin, Thank you so much for all you did to make our stay here most enjoyable. You have a beautiful voice and thank you for singing your English songs for us. You are the only person who could make my husband eat raw shellfish straight from the ocean! Until we return, Best Regards,
Saturday, 25 July 2009 04:27
Jean Louis Delzenne
Ia orana. just returned from FAKARAVA. For Those considering a trip closer to the real spirit of french polynesia (a-la kia ora Sauvage) here is my little trip report. Faka.. what? My colleagues asked at the office when I announced the name of this last escape from the dreaded 405 freeway, the LAX airport, cell phones, I-pods, Double 100 degree Latte with one sugar in the raw at Starbucks and the daily dose of what Brad and Angelina did this morning on the tube. the escape lasted 7 and 1/2 hours from Los Angeles on Air Tahiti Nui's flight. Their best kept secret is the instant upgrade for a fee at the counter at the airport (depending on the availability of space and catering). Last chance for the modern Creature confort. Fakarava's approach from the air is a visual feast. There are not enough words in our vocabulary to name the variant shades of blue in the lagoon and the Sky. Here I arrived from Papeete on the Atoll of Fakarava just an hour from Tahiti. The actual location: 16° 26' of southern latitude and 145° 23' of Western longitude. It is 08:50 in the morning. 80F temperature, little wind and a fast moving (and passing) thunderstorm from the South. Eric, our host came to greet us at the airport, a few minute wait for the luggage to be unloaded, and a few more to find ourt that the airline (AIR TAHITI) offloaded the coolers with the fresh tomatoes in Papeete to allow for the luggage of the passengers living on a lesser visited atoll...! (The creativity of our host with the available supplies amazed this retired chef). The transfer to the village where the boat was docked and refuelled was in the spare car. The Rolls was being attented to. (Read the luxurious pick up car with leatherette seat for 2 in the back). Ours today was without the seat for the 5 minute ride. A quick stop at the local Costco (read The village store with everything from toothpaste (please note the lack of plural form at the end of paste) Christmas decoration, fresh beer, Hedge trimmer wi
Saturday, 25 July 2009 04:26
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