Présentation de Raimiti
Béatrice et Laurent

Deuxième séjour à Raimiti, encore plus merveilleux et magique que le premier. Vivement le troisième, que nous avons déjà programmé pour 2016.
Eric, un grand MERCI pour ton chaleureux accueil et ta gentillesse. Nous avons passé 8 jours inoubliables.
Lorsqu'on à goûté au bien être de ce lieu magique, le plus dur est de repartir chez les "civilisés" quand on quitte Raimiti.
Merci à toute ta formidable équipe. Raimiti c'est bien plus que le Paradis. Nana et à l'année prochaine.

Domenica, 14 Giugno 2015 18:30
Andrew Neilson

My wife and I spent the first part of our honeymoon with Eric and the crew at Raimiti.  We had a wonderful visit.  The food was excellent, the atmosphere was relaxed, and everyone was very open and friendly.  Trips to the pink sand beach, the south pass for snorkeling, there was always something to do, but never a hurry to do it.  We both highly recommend that you visit this place of peace and quiet.  If you've never been here before, go to the FAQ section and read it very carefully, about three times.  This is not the Four Seasons.  This is Eric's home and he's opened up to whomever is adventurous enough to make the journey there.  Of the four islands we visited, we miss Raimiti the most.  Thank you Eric and Florion for showing a wonderful escape.


Andrew and Stephanie.

Lunedì, 21 Aprile 2014 18:23
Béatrice et Laurent HAINNEVILLE

Le paradis à un nom, il s'appelle "Raimiti". Nous venons de passer début janvier 2014, 4 jours merveilleux à la pension. Tout est parfait, le calme et la beauté des lieux, les aménagements du restaurant et des bungalows, la cuisine divine alors que nous sommes au bout du monde. Merci Eric et à toute ton équipe pour nous avoir accueilli si chaleureusement. Nous garderons de ce séjour un fabuleux souvenir et un moment fort dans notre vie. "Raimiti" c'est un endroit magique et nous reviendrons. Nana et à bientôt

Béatrice et Laurent

Sabato, 18 Gennaio 2014 17:27
Manuela and Bruno

Oh my goodness. Where to even begin? It's been a month since we left the paradise of Raimiti and my husband and I have been forever and beneficially changed for having had the experience of our week-long visit. While we have been annual visitors to Tahiti and her islands for six years in a row, never, could we have imagined the stunningly surreal beauty, joy, and simplicity of Raimiti.

We've visited Fakarava twice before, both times a single day-long stop while we were cruising on the Paul Gauguin. ( After our second stop on Fakarava, we were determined to come back for a week at least. We had already explored all of the archipelegos of the Cook Islands and French Polynesia, including the remote Marquesan Islands, and the unspoiled, uncommercial serenity of the Tuamotus stood out as one of the world's last remaining deserted tropic isles of my childhood fantasies. Unmarred by artifice, snobbery, and the trappings of what is usually considered to be luxurious by image-conscious North American standards. This was what my soul had been crying for. And found.

In the past we've stayed at the places that most individuals think of when you describe South Pacific luxury. We've stayed in the overwater Bungalows for $1,000 per night in Bora Bora, both at the Four Seasons as well as the Thalasso by Intercontinental (in fact, we got married at the latter), and we once stayed for one week in Marlon Brando's personal bungalow on Bora. I say this not to brag in any way shape or form, just to say that I have experienced Polynesia from this point of view on multiple occasions, and that I VASTLY prefer the human-scaled, unassuming luxury of Raimiti without a moment's hesitation.

Raimiti offers the luxury of a quiet, family-style hospitality rather than the typical 'Yes, Sir! No, Ma'am! How low can I scrape for you?' obsequeious affectation that is the frequent stock and trade of resort staff. This is the sort of luxury that comes from flexible schedules rather than a set time-table of pre-determined activities, a lack of doors and windows because you are dozens of road-free miles from the closest neighbour, the romance of having your hand-crafted bungalow being lit by nothing other than the soft glow of kerosene lanterns, a calm and serenity devoid of auditory junk such that you can actually HEAR when a wild sea-turtle is splashing in the lagoon looking for someone to greet her (I assume it's a she... she had feminine eyes as far as I was concerned!). Raimiti has effectively and permanently changed my definition of luxury. You have ruined us forever! We went too deep! We know to much!

The quiet humility, artistry, warmth, character and hard work of Eric, Junior, Lea, Heiarii and Antoine was to experience the heart and soul of what I always imagined Polynesia to represent. And the FOOD?! My word. Simple, honest, fresh, local and DELICIOUS! We also loved that the meals were always a surprise. Once again, my definition of luxury was amended in this regard. When visiting a respected and fondly-held friend or family member for dinner... I don't expect a massive list of choices for my meals. Part of the fun is going with the flow, trying new flavours, looking forward to the surprise of your next meal. My mouth is watering at the memory of the freshly grilled snapper, stuffed crab, garlic prawns, freshly baked croissants, the locally made preserves, the never ending supply or fresh coconut, the cheese course with every lunch... oh! And Junior's incredible baked papaya desert with vanilla sauce...

From exploring the ocean-side reef at dawn, the lagoon-side 'swimming pool' at sunset, playing with a sea turtle at mid-day, eating fresh sea snails, clams, and urchins straight from the reef served up by Antoine and Heiarii with a squeeze of citrus and a slab of coconut. (There is no sushi restaurant in the WORLD who could hope to compete with such a delicacy. I promise you. I do not exagerate.) Pink sand beaches with waist-high, vodka-clear water that extends so far as to become indiscernable from the horizon (Hence the name Raimiti, I know!), drift snorkelling with literal walls of colourful fish, coral and curious though timid reef sharks. Waking up before sunrise every single day because we didn't want to miss a single INSTANT of existing in this paradise. Hanging in the most comfortable cotton hammocks watching parakeets flitting through the green branches overhead, or Siki the pet pig digging himself a cool pit right beneath our suspended butts, luring Eric's bunny for a pet in the dining room at dinner, watching Rutu and Castor the resident dogs as they happily bark and leap from the boat into the dreamy blue waters of the Tetamanu pass. They unsuccessfully attempt to catch fish and sharks alike. Naming the two crabs who took up seemingly permanent residence in our open air bathroom (Pinchy and Lefty. Pinchy, it turns out, very much enjoyed the cool water showers my husband doused him with daily. Lefty was more shy and immediately scrambled for cover under a shell as soon as we entered.) These joys are indelibly marked on our psyche until we return. As two of our fellow guests expressed, "Raimiti is not merely a vacation. It is an entire philosphy and state of being." I could not agree more.

My husband and I both feel, without a shadow of doubt, that Raimiti and her staff, animals, waters, sounds and smells.... provided us with the single most complete and happy week of our lives. We are unable to thank you enough. I can only say we will be back. Soon.

Much affection to you all and Merry Christmas.

Martedì, 24 Dicembre 2013 15:06


Juste un petit message pour vous dire que nous avons été super heureux de passer 4 jours dans votre pension, sous le soleil de Fakarava, avec un personnel agréable, accueuillant et toujours souriant et très polis.

Nous avons passer 4 merveilleuses journées, ou nous avons quitté le monde de la ville, pour vivre pleinement dans un havre de paix et de tranquillité !> Le lagon est magnifique, et rempli de super beaux poissons, le coté récif est également magnifique et permet de faire de superbes ballades.>

Nous avions des fares coté Océan, donc toujours ventilé par le vent de le mer, et une vue magnifique le matin au levé, j'ai adorée.

Tous les repas à la pension étaient succulent, les cocktails également, félicité le cuisinier pour nous.

Des croissants frais au petit déjeuner et du pain frais tous les jours, c'est vraiment extra en étant sur un motu.

> Gros bisous de Mahina-Tahiti et à bientôt peut-être :)> > Cathy et toute la famille GIRARD>

Martedì, 22 Novembre 2011 23:55
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